Sew Darn Cute

Order your copy of Sew Darn Cute: 30 Sweet & Simple Projects to Sew & Embellish. Inside you'll find 30 delightful and rewarding projects to get stuck into in this highly rated book. Easy to follow instructions and a happy tone make this book perfect for the whole family. But don't be fooled by the innonence of the book, underneath lies a keen eye for sewing quality and pretty results so you'll find fabric combinations and ideas made in heaven. Whether you're looking to give a loved one a gift to remember, or simply want to make something pretty for fun: 'Sew Darn Cute - Sweet and Simple Projects' is the book for you. It'll also teach you new techniques and skills including embroidery and applique as well. If vintage and thrift is your thing you'll be right at home too, this book caters for an emerging old school fashion trend. Up close photographs along with tips and tricks complete the package!